Welcome to food and drink related reminders (and maybe just some fun days) of what this upcoming week has to hold. This is a great opportunity to let your customers know whats in store for them at your restaurant, bar, club, or tavern!

Next Week in Food and Drink

Monday, September 4th Labor Day Tuesday, September 5th Wednesday, September 6th Thursday, September 7th Friday, September 8th Saturday, September 9th Sunday, September 10th
National Macadamia Nut Day National Cheese Pizza Day National Coffee Ice Cream Day National Acorn Squash Day International Literacy Day National Teddy Bear Day National Grandparents Day
National Wildlife Day National Read a Book Day National Salami Day Wonderful Weirdos Day National TV Dinner Day

What a great way to start off September. Think of all of the fun marketing opportunities; a fun weird day on the 10th or a day to celebrate salami on the 7th, yummy! How about celebrating literacy and donating to your local library or school! The possibilities are limitless. Have Fun!

L.J. Norman

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